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在科技應用百花齊放下,2019年「Culture X Tech Next文化科技國際論壇」,以更具規模的型態再次展開,內容包含國際論壇、展示體驗、產業分論壇、文化科技講堂、青創媒合等系列活動,論壇主題橫跨沉浸式體驗、音樂與體感科技、區塊鏈及劇場顯示最新應用等,除了邀請國外頂尖業者親臨現場分享創作及產業經驗,也將與我國的產業精銳同台交流。



Taiwan, boasting of rich local motives and tales triggering inspirations, and a free and open environment for creative activities, enjoys a diverse cultural landscape. People on this island are showing the world the unique cultural value of Taiwan through the conceiving and distribution of a variety of different audiovisual, printed and ACG creations. Facing new challenges in the era of digital media and the development of ever-changing technology, culture and content industries in Taiwan need a forward-looking mindset to innovate continuously, to leverage cross-disciplinary synergy so to reach a higher level, and perfect the industrial eco-system.

Culture X Tech Next, riding on the advancements of diverse and flourishing technology applications, is launching its 2019 version on a larger scale. The forum, composed of international seminar, experiential exhibition, breakout session on industrial developments, cultech salon, and startup match-making event, covers topics such as immersive experience, music, somatosensory technology, block-chain, and latest applications of theatrical display. Top-notch industrial experts from around the world are invited to the forum to share their insights about creation and industry, and exchange opinions with their Taiwanese counterparts on this stage.

The forum positions itself as a strategic platform to integrate the culture industry and ignite its engine. Besides promoting the application of technology in culture, we care more about the inherent emotion, sentiment, and legacy. The forum aims to unite programming languages and cultural languages into one by nourishing machinery and data with humane literacy, and lead the society to march forward based on this unity.

We sincerely invite everyone to join the forum. Unleash your imagination about culture and free yourself from traditional practices, as any concept might be realized and become a new paradigm of cultech. Culture X Tech Next, conceived for a better cultural life.

Traffic Information



【華山1914文創園區】中4B館 (台北市中正區八德路一段1號)


  • 忠孝新生站(板南線/新蘆線) 1號出口步行約3分鐘。
  • 善導寺站(板南線) 6號出口步行約5分鐘。


  • 「華山公園」站(市民大道):669。
  • 「台北科技大學」站(八德路):205、257、276。
  • 「忠孝國小」站:202、202區、212、212直、232、232副、269、299、600、605、605副、605 新台五線、忠孝新幹線。
  • 「華山文創園區」(忠孝東路):247、205、212、220、232、232副、257、262、276、臺北市雙層觀光巴士。


  • 【停車場入口處在忠孝東路上;園區提供24小時停車服務】
  • 汽車:平日每小時40元、假日每小時60元、平日280元/天、假日540元/天。
  • 機車:每小時25元。
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