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兔將創意影業有限公司 - TWR Entertainment, Inc.

計畫名稱 - 影視產業特效製程加速計畫- VFX特效工具開發


Through the assistance of computer programs, simplify the film production processes and create high quality work with limited amount of time and spending.


在電腦動畫、電影電視特效製作時,渲染與模擬運算經常是製作時間最長、製作成本最高的部份,本計畫利用透過優化VF特效製作流程,減少製作人員的運算時間與成本。以整合燈光與合成的製作流程,使算圖時間大幅減少後,再透過 Denoiser的輔助,得到高品質的算圖結果,並將 Tree Simulation Tool與Volume Sharpen Tool整合至特效的製作流程中,讓特效師能夠利用這些工具,快速設定與調整參數,得到理想中的結果。在優化VFX特效工具後,可縮短製作時間、降低製作成本、增加製作效能、提高製作掌握度,讓台灣的影視產業用更省力及降低成本的方式,完成高品質的影視作品,增加國際競爭力。

It takes large amount of time and cost when it comes to making computer animation or special effects. Thus, this project aims at improving VF processes as well as reduction in cost. After reducing the computation time by integrating production processes of lighting and computer-generated imagery, obtain high quality results through the assistance of Denoiser and further utilize both Tree Simulation and Volume Sharpen Tool in order for special effectors to quickly adjust parameters to get an ideal result. Followed by the advancement of VFX special effect tool, it enables to shorten production time, lower cost, improve efficiency, enhance mastery, finally lead Taiwanese film industry stepping into competitive markets in a high-quality-lower-cost way.