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艾比索有限公司 - EP Pretty

計畫名稱 - 插圖與文字共舞的生態系


Develop a Chinese writing social platform, providing image resources to writers and allowing illustrators to have a protected environment to share their art works.



Develop EP-Chinese Writing Social Platform. One of the features is the technique of combining wording and pictures: enable to insert illustration between words so that a short piece could better reveal the emotion within. This project amends the labeling system for illustrations so that the writers could find what they look for in a more efficient way. It also contains the content algorithm to analyze the meanings of objects mentioned in the articles. Through the platform, the authors could purchase images online and insert them to the writing, which helps to build up a cyber environment benefiting both parties, to ensure the balanced development between copyrights and its applications, and to assist the development of IP re-licensing in the global market. This platform creates a bidirectional environment for writers to find images supporting their writings and for illustrators to exert their talents while benefit from it.