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多利曼股份有限公司 - Search (Dolyman Inc.)

計畫名稱 - 電影產業數位銷售通路自動化歸因系統建置暨個人化訂閱服務創新開發計畫


Collaborate with one of the biggest cinemas in Taiwan and optimize digital marketing integration and data innovation services.



The project continues with the Film Community Media Big Data Integration System built in the previous project, using market objective opinions to help optimize film quality and its appeal to the market audiences. The project further integrates data with one of three major cinema in Taiwan and develops the Movie Industry Digital Sales Channel Automated Attribution System, conducting innovation services for film verification and film digital integration marketing. While assisting in the construction of data innovation serves for film investors and producers, the project also dedicates to the use of data to promote the film industry, data integration system and innovation services to consummate the ecosystem of film industry.