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踢歐哎哎有限公司 - Toii Inc.

計畫名稱 - 《說妖外傳:都市傳說冒險團》多國語言版本和一源多用開發宣傳


Consolidate AR and art to create a mobile game and bring Taiwanese folklore to an international stage through the rapid diffusion of mobile game.



Consolidate AR games, movies, music, novels, and comics, to revive Taiwanese monsters. Through the collaboration with "Legend Has It", the team transform the successful and commercially valuable Taiwanese cultural imagery IP into a mobile game that is more accessible to more players. By combining innovative gameplay with Augmented Reality and GPS positioning, enhance the player's cultural connotation experiences related to Taiwanese monsters, develop multi-language versions, and collaborate with the Parallel Taipei & Its Stories Studio to develop the stories of "Legend Has It" series. With the rapid diffusion of mobile games, Taiwanese monsters and stories are conveyed to the international communities through the way of games.