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杰德創意影音管理股份有限公司 - Portico Media Co., Ltd

計畫名稱 - 國際化影視內容分眾市場產業鏈佈建計畫


Based on the improvement of the GagaOOLala website, build up global connections in LGBT issues.


為推廣台灣原創內容,本計畫將進行現有之LGBT分眾OTT平台GagaOOLala網站升級優化,以提升用戶服務體驗與付費會員數量,加上影視內容製作媒合平台GOL STUDIOS,串聯影視資源,縮短製作媒合流程,打造國際內容製作產業加速器,並透過實務的跨國合製以及自有影視通路,達成利於國際人才與經驗交流,建造製作加通路一條龍產業鏈,並深耕國際合作領域,配合新南向政策,結合國際重要影視活動,提昇台灣原創內容的國際推廣與能見度。

In order to promote Taiwan's original stories, the project will upgrade and optimize the existing LGBT focus OTT platform, GagaOOLala website, to enhance the user experiences and the number of paid members. Accessing serial video resource from the film content production platform GOL STUDIOS, it not only shortens the production time, but also creates an accelerator for the international content production industry. Further, through the practical transnational cooperation and our own channels, we will advance the exchange of global talents and experiences, erect a one-stop industrial chain, and deepen the international collaboration, associating with the New Southbound Policy as well as important international film and television events, to enhance the visibility of Taiwanese original content to the world.