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社團法人台灣媒體小農協會 - Media Farmers

計畫名稱 - 優質新聞及知識內容再造計畫


Protect small media from the external oppression and difficulties and push them into a more robust media environment through the "Media Farmers Program".



The "Media Farmers Program" is a joint advocacy campaign for Taiwanese small and medium-sized online media. Through the platform of "media farmer irrigation mechanism", it allows people to protect those media platform providing recognizable good news from the operational difficulties as well as the oppression of the consortium, political parties and advertisers. The project is expected to expand the use of the "media farmers irrigation mechanism" to support the reader base of high-quality content and the operation of local media with the masses support from the citizens, encourage the production of high-quality news and knowledge content, strengthen the contents industry ecosystem, make the operational business model of cultural contents more robust, and lead Taiwanese content production environment to a freer, democratic, independent, professional and healthy state.