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鈊象電子股份有限公司 - International Games System CO., LTD. (IGS)

計畫名稱 - 創新跨平台整合應用之台灣原創賽車遊戲開發計畫


Through the three-party platform of the racing games, it opens a new era for the IP game industry and create unique business values.



This project is based on the creation of original IP, creating a racing game with Taiwanese cultural DNA. From game scenes, to technological research and development, or to mechanical design, everything is MIT, which not only let the world see Taiwan's soft strength in cultural IP, but also show off our solid foundation in R&D. The project assembling a three-party platform of machines, mobile phones and PCs is implemented on the racing game machine, so that the player can save the operation time; on the other hand, the shop owner can also increase the machine turnover rate. The technology using eSport element and real-time Internet connections allows players from different regions to compete against each other. In the future, with the goal of technological application, reginal connection as well as global marketing, this technology will be transplanted to other cultural content IP games to open a new era for the industry and create unique business values.