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國立臺灣科技大學 - NTUST CSIE / GAME Lab

計畫名稱 - 臺灣神明信仰三維數位內容自動生成與線上共享平台 II


Develop and optimize dynamic systems and model generators for traditional weapons and constructions to integrate various industries and their creativities.



Further optimize the creation mode of sword generator and Chinese-style cultural building generator; develop systems such as dynamic modeling of cold weapons, Chinese-style architectural constructions and terrain environment editing, temple architecture editing, and comprehensive-oriented building generator; integrate above objects into a diverse production line of the creative system to enhance the diverse flexibility and also to assist on releasing creativities. Meantime, we look forward to cooperating with domestic and foreign industries to link both upstream and downstream industries; constructing ecological prototype of business models; jointly opening international channels of games and animation to shape various business models for cross-industry connections and implement the increase in product values.