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鏡文學股份有限公司 - MirrorFiction Inc.

計畫名稱 - 鏡文學IP影視化國際產業鏈佈建計畫


Focus on five aspects of the project, which is to build awareness of the original IP, bring the IP to an international stage and attract national as well as foreign investors.



Continue with the previous projet, which focuses on five aspects - through productions with local cultural background, proceed diverse translation of the IP, attract investments and accelerate the IP to enter the market; attend international conferences to build brand awareness, which leads to an increase the popularity of the original IP to the global market; derive efficient business models for the filmization of IP, and optimize benefits with diverse business strategies; promote standard models for one-stop service, leading to an increase of national as well as foreign crossover opportunities; besides improvements of the official website, continue adding more functions and building an official app for better user experiences.