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開拓動漫事業有限公司 - Frontier Anime Co., Ltd.

計畫名稱 - 陰間條例X冥戰錄劇場版 動漫舞台劇開發展演計畫


Combining IP economy as well as fan culture, high-quality animated 3D productions will soon be announced.


本計畫跨域整合影像科技藝術、動漫、表演藝術,希望透過科技的技術將原本漫畫中二次元的動漫角色呈現在實體的三維世界。以浮空投影、HTC VIEW AR&VR物件即時動態捕捉演員動作、並嘗試規劃應用最新的動態立體捕捉技術,將二次元角色以三次元化的狀態,結合IP經濟與粉絲文化,此次開發全新內容劇本,推出高品質的劇場創作作品,藉由影像與真人互動的演出呈現台灣特有的民間信仰文化,及完成屬於台灣自身的動漫舞台劇。

Integrate imaging technology, animation, and performing arts, hoping to present original 2D anime characters in the physical three-dimensional world through technology. With holographic projection, HTC VIEW AR&VR, enable to implement real-time dynamic captures of actors' movements, propose applications of the latest dynamic stereo capture technology, demonstrating a 2D character in a three-dimensional form under the influence of IP economy and fan culture. Develop a new script, introducing high-quality theatrical creations, presenting local unique folk belief culture through the interactions between images and real people, and completing an Taiwan-originated anime stage drama.