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果核有限公司 - GO AHEAD LTD. Company

計畫名稱 - ∞雕刻時光∞【音樂精靈─黃韻玲】IP發展AR音樂劇 文化內容開發計畫


Develop rudiments for AR musicals to sublime the fascination of Taiwanese pops and the entire industry.


本計畫將已有華語流行音樂廣大國際市場知名度的「音樂精靈─黃韻玲」IP,藉由「莎妹劇團 王嘉明導演」、加上「豪華朗機工」共同訴說黃韻玲的音樂故事,催生出華語流行音樂的《AR音樂劇》文化內容。本計畫預計開發Try Out項目雛型,包括音樂劇內容開發、影像、多媒體內容開發、科技內容開發、展場設計製作、測試與雛型演出,進行科技與文化內容互動測試演出與市場接軌,藉由流行音樂與科技、劇團以及藝術家跨界合作,昇華台灣流行音樂的魅力,共同行銷於國際,帶動形成AR音樂劇商業模式的產業鏈。

With the Music Elf - Kay Huang IP, having the high popularity in the global Chinese pop music market, collaborate with the Director of the Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group - Wang Chia-Ming and the Auxologic, the story of Kay Huang is told through the Chinese pop music content "AR Musical". The project is expected to develop prototypes of the Try Out project, including musical development, video, multimedia content development, technology content development, exhibition design, testing and prototype performances; the project would conduct testing performance for the interaction of technology and cultural content, and lead to market connections. Through pop music and technology, the transboundary collaborations between troupes and artists, the fascination of Taiwanese pop music will be promoted internationally, driving the industrial chain that forms the business model of AR musicals.