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史多禮股份有限公司 - STORY STUDIO

計畫名稱 - 臺灣氣味,香料之島:臺灣歷史與文化體驗產業平臺之主題開發與跨域整合加速計畫


Strengthen both quantity and quality of the productions and the integration between various industries, leading to the flourish development of Taiwanese cultures.



Continuing the 2018 project, the major goal is to sustain the development of high-quality history and cultural contents (including systematic and institutional development of creative talents), and to establish a more focused and clearer production process, which in turn drives the business model of content payment. The project is divided into three parts - cultivating human capital for creating cultural contents, connecting text content and cultural experience industry and promoting cross-domain transformation of Taiwanese historical and cultural materials. Expecting to strengthen the quality and quantity of the content production and interdisciplinary integration, determine the business model of content payment, and achieve stable expansion and growth. At the same time, through the historical data and topic mining and development, we cooperate with different technical teams to jointly advocate the rapid development of Taiwanese local cultural contents.