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幸福路映畫社有限公司 - Happiness Road Productions Co. Ltd

計畫名稱 - 台灣在地女性人物IP故事孵化


Through the IP story, expand the influence of Taiwanese female power and broaden the diversity of entertainment.



This project develops Taiwanese native female stories, which are worthy of being written in Taiwanese society, and create Taiwanese version of Oshin, a classic female IP character, to establish Taiwan's unique female spirit. In order to improve the way the story is produced, the image material is prepared synchronously on the research stage of production. In the pre-story material sampling period, the professional writers, text creators, image creators, and the creative personnel with practical market experience are involved to reduce the cost of errors and achieve the benefits of speeding up the creation of text content. The future IP story will generate multiple texts, promote cross-border application strategies, expand the influence of Taiwanese female characters, and increase the diversity of entertainment.