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親子天下股份有限公司 - CommonWealth Education Media and Publishing Co.,Ltd.

計畫名稱 - 台灣本土兒童創作者IP開發服務平台


Set up Taiwanese Children Creators IP Development Service Platform to derive commercial-worth models and support young creators.


本計畫預計建置「台灣本土兒童創作者IP開發服務平台」,建立一套包含作品授權網站、IP Guide Book、商品多元加值應用與策展的作業流程;貫穿作業流程的重要案例將以具備基礎的賴馬繪本為主,形成具商業應用模式的影音和衍生商品,並在國際展覽會中展示、洽談相關IP授權,除此之外,也將幫助10位台灣在童書界具有深厚潛力的中生代和新生代創作者,依照各自IP的特性與成熟度協助不同程度的規劃,推向市場。

Set up Taiwanese Children Creators IP Development Service Platform, build a SOP including work licensing website, IP Guide Book and merchandise multi-valued application; the SOP will be majorly based on Laima's picture books to derive media and the derivatives with commercial values, to exhibit and negotiate related IP licensing in international expos. Besides, the project would fund 10 Mesozoic and Cenozoic creators who has solid potential in picture book productions, and organize various marketing plans based on each creator's IP characteristics and maturity.