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尼可樂表演藝術有限公司 - Nicole's Creative Artists Agency

計畫名稱 - 【心酸土地公】MR 沉浸式體驗劇場 - 多重感官科技新載體計畫


Based on MR immersive theater experience, spread the power of Taiwan folklore religion and build up a new state of an experience economy model.


本計畫試圖將台灣文化IP以跨界合作方式開發,拓展民間特色主題之文化內容,運用「MR 沉浸式體驗劇場」科技,創新音樂、劇場及台灣文化體驗內容,「心酸土地公」內容構想來自於台灣民間信仰中的療癒力量,以及文化中與心靈密不可分的力量,與當下台灣日常生活的對話。「心酸土地公」將台灣文化IP延伸為MR 沉浸式體驗劇場,開發新型態體驗經濟模式,凝聚當代台灣本土宗教儀式文化及藝術的力量,達成跨領域創新延伸感動,並鏈結國際市場,形成應用典範及商務模式。

This project allows us to develop Taiwanese cultural IP through crossover collaborations and the usage of MR immersive theater to innovate music, theatre and cultural contents. The content of originates from the power of Taiwanese folklore religion as well as the invisible bounding. The story enlarges the cultural IP into a bigger stage - MR immersive theater, which helps to build up a new state of the experience economy model.